Servant Warrior® Radio

Servant Warrior Radio Show 32 - Spiritual Warfare: Lighten the Load - 11-16-12

November 15, 2012


Hello and welcome to the November 16th edition of Servant Warrior Radio. Jeff Searcy, here, coming to you from Servant Warrior Battle Station Headquarters, Southeast US, right here in St Augustine, Florida.

We are continuing the Spiritual Warfare series this week. This week, it’s all about getting yourself battle ready. Actually, it’s about getting yourself light…and agile…and deadly! It’s about getting off the deck and into the fight. It’s about the ability to get off the deck. It's about Lightening the Load.


Also...if you follow me on Twitter, you know that I have been a little more vocal this week about the government, about the media, about all of the…stuff…that’s going on. I have held my tongued as long as I can...Click the LISTEN button below.

Until next time…keep it Real…Radical…Relentless…Relevant…and put the Armor each and every day. This has been Servant Warrior Radio.